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Distilled in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Award Winning Spring Water

Pennsylvania Corn

Certified Gluten Free

Distilled 6 Times

Support's Local Business


Genuine Real Nutz Vodka!

And Less Calories Too!

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Available for Local Pick up and Local Free Delivery to Western Pennsylvania.

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1 Liter Glass or Plastic
  • Introductory Price: $18.87
  • Wholesale: 6 - $100
  • Wholesale: 12 - $192 

All prices are subject to PA state sales tax. We currently accept credit card, cash, or check. Checks payable to Big Spring Spirits.

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What's Our Secret?

It all starts with the award-winning and Best Tasting Water in Pennsylvania from Bellefonte's Natural Big Spring.

We offer it in Glass or Plastic 1 Liter Bottles. While some people associate cheap Vodka with plastic, not the case here, sometimes plastic is just more portable, and also plastic is recycled in some areas where glass is not.

Same Vodka, Same Size, Same Price.

It's Your Choice on how you want to carry it.

It's Premium

"I keep REAL NUTZ on the TOP SHELF."

Smoothness Matters!

It's My New Go To Vodka

"Exceptionally clean, smooth taste and certainly comparable to more expensive ultra-premium vodkas."

Real Smooth 100 Proof

“It's super smooth, I’m not buying any other Vodka ever again”

Blind Taste Winner

"We blind tasted Real Nutz Vodka vs top domestic and imported Vodka's over 100 times and Real Nutz Came out On Top!"